Specialized Media & Entertainment

BWD's Sports, Entertainment and Special Risks Group offers a number of unique products and services to meet the needs of our clients whose interests in media, film production, archives and other similar concerns create special challenges.

Multimedia Liability

BWD stands at the forefront of this practice area with innovative insurance solutions for exposures that require special coverage above and beyond the limitations of Commercial General Liability policies-including coverage related to:

  • Media Distribution
  • Merchandise Licensing
  • Content and Intellectual property Protection
  • Libel Slander and Invasion of Privacy

Film Productions

In addition to event cancellation coverage, BWD provides coverage for equipment and property used before and during commercial, industrial and educational film projects.

Film Library or Archive Coverage

BWD has developed a policy form which combines coverage for direct damage, extra expense and loss of revenue potential (for irreplaceable films) - along with a unique formula for claims adjustment in case of damage or destruction of films, photo negatives or videotape.

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