BWD offers specialized sports disability insurance that can protect not only athletes, but also coaches, team executives, sponsors, owners, franchises and Olympic organizations.

Our Sports and Entertainment Group can customize disability policies to meet the specific and unique needs of professional sports athletes, entertainers and performers. Clients who have purchased disability policies include newscasters, actors, models, ballet dancers, CEO's and other highly compensated executives, NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL athletes, teams and leagues, television studios and companies that sponsor athletes and entertainers.

Types of Disability Coverage

Choosing the appropriate coverage is an important decision. Your needs will vary depending on your profession, your goals and other circumstances unique to your situation. BWD can help you determine which coverage best suits your needs.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

Temporary Total Disability coverage provides benefits on a daily or monthly basis to an individual or an organization when an accidental injury or an illness prevents an individual from performing the duties of his/her occupation on a temporary basis.

This coverage may be purchased as contract protection or asset value, to protect the future earning potential of an individual or future revenues of an organization against losses resulting from injury or illness. The amount insured under a contract protection policy would be the amount of compensation under an employment or performance contract subject to a deductible.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

Permanent Total Disability coverage offers protection for organizations or individuals (whether as asset value or contract protection) in the event an athlete or entertainer suffers a career-ending injury or illness. This coverage responds in the event an injury prevents the insured from ever returning to his/her occupation. Benefits are usually paid in a lump sum amount.

Loss of Value

Loss of value coverage provides financial protection against the loss of value in an employment contract if you suffer an injury before signing the contract. If you are injured and, as a result, you are offered a contract for a dollar amount less than the amount predetermined by underwriters, you would receive a benefit that compensates you for the “loss of value” in the contract.

Combination (TTD and PTD) policies are also available in situations, in which benefits extend beyond the limit or length of the insurance policy.

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