BWD provides event cancellation coverage to protect our clients from financial losses that may result from the cancellation of scheduled events, such as international tournaments and All-Star weekend activities.

Cancellations due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the sponsors may also be insured, with protection provided against lost earnings and unrecoverable expenses also available.


An untimely illness, a performer's failure to appear, or inclement weather can prevent the filming of a commercial or movie, photography shoot or necessitate the postponement of a concert, tour or other special events.

Event Cancellation and Business Interruption Insurance can protect you against the loss of revenue and expenses related to the creation of the event in case of cancellation.

Prize Indemnity

Our Prize Indemnification Insurance covers the costs of monetary awards or prizes for a variety of special events such as athletic contests (e.g. full or half-court basketball shots or puck-shooting.)

TV game show contests, corporate or charity-sponsored competitions, or other promotional activities. Games of chance surety bonds are also available through BWD.

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